Terms of entry:

at least 18 years of age (born before April15, 1999 (inclusive)

Good health, no high blood pressure, heartdisease and other diseases that may hinder strenuous exercise.

Registration Method:

All runners must log into the event'sofficial website to register.

After each project open enrollment,eligibility review by athletes to qualify in the order of payment completion, first-servedbasis.

Tip: You can start fill out you informationin advance and submit the data for review. Then, when the registration hasofficially opened, register and pay.。 

Registration process:

Log in to the event official website.Players need to register in the Huipao website, and use that account toregister for the upcoming race. Applicants can register via email or mobilephones, and use Weibo, WeChat, or a QQ account to do One-Click registration.

Select Race Type: Players choose their ownrace type.

Read the disclaimer: Before entering thenext player must read the disclaimer and consent.

Fill out the registration information: theplayers fill out their basic registration information.

Submit Registration: those who qualify forexemption from verification can go to pay directly. Otherwise the system willmove to the race data collection where the participant can upload their raceresults.

Payment: Once approved, the players choosethe payment method and complete the payment.

Registration Success Page: the page willalso provide registration success messages through 3 channels - email, SMSmessages, and webpage. 


100 km Race Qualifications:

Players arerequired to submit a formal 50 km cross-country race certificate of finishingfrom the last two years

50 km Race Qualifications:

Players are required to submit thefollowing to any one of the race 's certificate of achievement:
1. Within the last two years, an official 21 km cross-country race certificateof achievement;

2. A full marathon (42.195 km) certificateof finishing from within the last two years.

25 km Cross-Country Race Qualifications:

Playersare required to submit any of the following race certificates

1. A formal cross-country race of 21 kmfrom within the last 2 years.

2. A half marathon (21.0975 km) from withinthe last 2 years

Qualification Verification:

1、Registered runners fill out their name andID number. If the runner already has a qualifying race history in the HuipaoEvents database, the verification process will finish immediately without therunner having to upload any other documents.

2、If the Huipao Events database doesn't havethe runners race history, the runner will have to pass the manual verificationprocess. Runners must upload a real and qualifying finishers certificate andawait approval. The organizing committee will audit the documents and forgerieswill result in a ban for the participant. After approval the organizingcommittee will send e-mail and SMS qualification confirmation messages.

3、If the runner doesn't pass the manualverification process, they may submit new data. Their profile will be in a"Awaiting extra data verification" state. Players can query theirregistration state on the official website by entering their certificate numberand they can also click on the button below to re-submit race results material.

Exit / Waiting List Rules:

1、After the race registration is full,participants can continue to register. Those who qualify can begin the waitinglist process (player registration / payment before, you'll be prompted withofficial or waiting list candidate amounts.

2、Before March 31, participants who havegotten into the race can give up their race slot. Payment will be refunded tothe participant via the channel that they originally paid with.

3、It's not allowed for participants give uptheir race slot and then re-register for the same race. The race's officialwebsite will publish in real time the number of registered waiting listcandidates. The waiting list candidate's current position will be available aswell.

4、Waiting list candidates can apply at anytime withdraw themselves from the wait, but will not be allowed to re-enrollfor waiting list status.

5、The deadline for registration and giving upyour race slot is March 31st. After this deadline the system will no longeraccept an exit application. There is no extra fee for players who successfullyjoin from the waiting list.  Those whohaven't gotten into the race will receive a full refund.

6、Runners who have received a race slot whowish to give up their race slot before March 1 can receive an 80% refund of theregistration fee. Those who apply for a refund between March 1 and March 31will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be available after March 31st. Runnerswho have not obtained a race slot can apply for a full refund at any time. Participantsin the 100km race must leave a deposit for GPS equipment which will be fully refunded when returned. This deposit is not included in the calculation of the registration fee.